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Chinese EssenseThe Chinese language is the easiest language to learn as well it is also the most interesting, especially traditional Chinese. Traditional Chinese characters are like pictures, they demand the artist appreciation. Traditional Chinese is a form of Art, it gives graphic conception to comprehension.

What are Tones Anyways?

Seriously, what are they?

““Slam your hand on the table! C’mon, sound angry! Slam, slam, slam!” The class followed their teacher, hammering their hands on their desks. They were trying their best to learn Chinese."

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Pinyin vrsus Zhuyin

Which one is best for me?

Recently, I found an interesting blog might be useful to answer this question. Hanyu Pinyin [漢語拼音] (developed in Mainland China, now the international standard for romanization) and Zhuyin Fuhao/Bopomofo [注音符號] (developed originally in mainland China, now used primarily only in Taiwan).

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Why Mandarin

Chinese is a group of languages. The most we have heard of are Mandarin and Cantonese.  One of the most important reasons is Mandarin is one of the 6 foreign languages in United Nation, it is official language to be used in business, education, and government.

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